Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator.

I have an exciting new title to add to my ever growning list of acronyms….SpBCPE!

What does this mean?

After four days of intense, exciting training with GAIL TULLY herself, I am now certified to teach Spinning Babies® Parent classes to parents-to-be!

What is Spinning Babies®, you ask?

Spinning Babies® is a unique approach to pregnancy and childbirth that focuses on Balance, Gravity, and Movement.

What will you learn in a Spinning Babies® Parent Class?

During the interactive three hour class, which is designed to supplement and enhance a childbirth education series, you will learn how to help your baby acheive the optimal position for birth.

You will gain an increased awareness of how our body naturally works based on our anatomy and physiology.

You will learn daily activities that will prepare your body for labor and birth,

You will learn to recognize clues that are conveyed by your body to answer the question, “where is the baby?”

You will learn how to use positioning and techniques to provide the best possible passageway for your baby.

You will gain knowledge that will help you be more comfortable in pregnancy and have more ease in childbirth.

Classes will be held in your home, and supplemental materials are provided. $150.00 per couple.

Interested in scheduling an individual class? Email jrogea@gmail.com

Spinning Babies Parent Class

Interactive class designed to bring comfort in pregnancy and ease in childbirth. Come dressed comfortably and ready to learn the daily activities and labor positions to “make room for baby!”


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