TENS Unit Rental


A TENS Unit, otherwise known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, uses the Gate Control Theory of Pain to help manage labor. What is the Gate Control Theory of Pain, you may ask? Without diving too deep into sensory neurons and stimuli, and speaking soley in the realm of labor and birth…. Essentially your spinal cord is a highway to the brain, where all information travels. Whatever gets up the highway to the brain first, WINS. So…instead of uncontrollable pain arriving first, (read: contractions) we jam the “lanes” with a controlled sensation – electrical stimulation in this case- so that the pain from the contractions is dulled and you are able to manage at home for longer! This translates to less time in the hospital, which, in turn translates to FEWER INTERVENTIONS. TENS can be used for the duration of labor, or until you decide to get in the tub (water and TENS DO NOT MIX!) or get an epidural. This rental includes instruction and virtual usage support! The price includes a $25 deposit that will be reimbursed when the unit is returned within the four week rental window.


Please use form to reach out and include your estimated due date and preferred rental start date in the message!

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