Ease in Pregnancy. Comfort in Labor.


“It is Momma’s job to dialate. It is baby’s job to ROTATE.” -Gail Tully, midwife and founder of Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies is a paradigm based on using our body’s physiology to facilitate comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth.

As a Spinning Babies trained doula, and a Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator I am uniquely qualified to both educate in pregnancy and guide in labor and birth.

All doula clients will beneift from the class and my knowledge.

Anyone, regardless of whether you are my doula client or not, can take advantage of a private or group Spinning Babies Parent Class.

In this class you will learn about Birth Anatomy, Why Baby Positioning Matters, Daily Activities to Create Space for the Baby, Levels of the Pelvis, What to Do When Labor Diverts from the “Normal” Pattern, Balancing Activities, and MORE!

Private classes for non-doula clients are $150. Group prices vary depending on the size of the class.

Virtual Classes, while not as ideal as in person, are also offered via zoom at $100.

Email me your contact info at jrogea@gmail.com to schedule your Spinning Babies Parent Class!

*This class is designed as a supplement to a Childbirth Education Series and will not replace one.

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