Spinning Babies® Services

Sidelying Release to facilitate rotation and increase maternal comfort in progress...

As a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, I am trained to instruct and guide.

Spinning Babies® is a unique method of preparation for birth developed by renowned midwife Gail Tully with the goal of “making room for baby!”

Spinning Babies® instruction incorporates daily activities to be used throughout your pregnancy! I will teach you positioning techniques to be implemented nightly, what should be used during labor and why, and give you comprehensive instruction in birth anatomy and the birth process in order to promote comfort in pregnancy and ease in labor!

Did you know that while it is the cervix’s job to dilate, it is the baby’s job to ROTATE? That is where the term “spinning” in  Spinning Babies® comes from!

Many women have been able to create the space necessary to get baby to move into the best possible position using Spinning Babies® techniques!

Spinning Babies® classes will empower you and your partner by giving you the knowledge you need to know what positions, comfort measures, and techniques to use during every stage of pregnancy and labor!

Complete with downloadable checklists and parent resources.

Spinning Babies® Group Class

If you have three or more couples, I will come to you and teach at a discounted rate!

I bring the massage table and teaching materials – you provide the space and pillows! Classes last between two and three hours. $75

Partners required!

Spinning Babies® Private Instruction

A private, “tailored to your needs” class! Is your baby breech? Oblique?

Do you want individual attention in the comfort of your home?

Then the private class is for you! Classes typically last two hours. $150

Partners required!

Spinning Babies® Virtual Class

Conducted on Zoom, a virtual class will last two hours and include a code for a downloadable video as well as the instruction I will give you.

Partners attendance is preferred. $100

Baby is head down! OB said we can plan on a natural vaginal birth now and that SOMETHING I did worked! I am so excited! Thank you so much!


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