About Me


A carousel of constant thinking and doing, with a prerequisite presence of mind at all times if I am to manage at all, much less excel.

How do women do it? 

Forced by my own pride and armed with the determination to be authentic, to be true, to be hot or cold, but never lukewarm, I opened every part of myself and bound myself to this existence. Inextricably wound together with another soul who also craved truth and beauty and fidelity, we embarked on this journey. Our mutual belief in each other’s capabilities was both simultaneously encouraging and overwhelming, but we pressed on in our idealistic youth, allowing ourselves to be a part of something bigger than the two of us.

One step at a time.

In hindsight, they seemed to come slowly, these many children, after the inaugural son and then daughter, seamlessly entering our ever turning sphere to change us, one by one, until life was so full it overflowed, sometimes in abundance, sometimes in a messy pool at our feet. 

Life is messy, but life is good.

Time and space soften the realities of life and twenty eight years after the birth of my first child, I now work with laboring mothers. I both fill my cup, and am able to pour it out, on women who remind me without words, that our bodies are life-giving, beautiful, and resilient.

Women are powerful.

How long did it take me to discover the power I had as a woman? as a mother? Too long, perhaps, or maybe it took just the right amount of time. Enough time to fill my cup with the experience, empathy, compassion, and the ability to educate in a variety of birthing paradigms.

Hospital Birth. Home Birth. Birthing Center Birth.

Spinnng Babies. Hypnobabies. Evidence Based Birth. Birthing from Within.

So many ways to get ready, so many options and so much information.

I have spent the last thirty years preparing to do this work that sets my soul on fire!

To accompany women on their journey to motherhood; to help them discern the best way to bring their babies earthside in a way that honors their wants, needs and beliefs, because more than a baby is born on a child’s birthday, a mother is born as well.

I am here to help you find your way.


Feel free to email me with your questions!


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