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Package Options

Working with our collective means you don’t just get a doula – you get a Doula, a Spinning Babies Parent Educator, a Sleep Consultant, and a Massage Therapist all working together for YOU. You choose your birth doula for your prenatal and postpartum appointments, but you also get access to higher levels of care and support. We back each other up, we share information, and we tailor that care for each individual family we work with.

Packages we offer –



  1. One In Home Prenatal
  2. Spinning Babies Parent Class: The Parent Class introduces parents to the basic techniques for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth. This three-hour class adds confidence and skills for the birth partner and reassurance for the birthing person.
  3. Continuous Labor Support
  4. One InHome Postpartum



  1. One Virtual Prenatal
  2. One In Home Prenatal
  3. Spinning Babies Group Class
  4. Alignment Session
  5. One Strong Mama Coupon
  6. Continuous Birth Support
  7. One In Home Postpartum
  8. Infant Sleep Class
  9. Tongue Tie Assessment & Functional Movement Therapy


Available Add-Ons:

  • Childbirth Education (4 week course) $250 in studio only
  • Alignment Assessment + Massage $115 in home / $85 in studio
  • Virtual Prenatal $50
  • In person Prenatal $100
  • In person Postpartum $100
  • Tongue Tie Assessment + Therapy $125
  • Tummy Time Method Class + $95 in home / +75 in studio
  • Postpartum Support (4 hour blocks) $175
  • Birth Photography $650
  • Fresh 48 Photography $500



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